Sensors for smartphones and wearables are an emerging application for sensor technology manufacturers. Advancement in sensors create opportunities for sensor manufactures to explore a wide range of applications. Increased adoption of smart devices across various industries is encouraging research and development activities in the sensor industry.

Next-generation sensors are poised to influence the smartphones and wearables market. Though increased intelligence, ease of integration, and real-time integration features may drive opportunities, and data privacy and security are key factors that hinder widespread adoption. The technology and innovation report focusses on capturing emerging sensor applications enabled by advanced imaging, chemical, environmental, and biosensing devices and systems.

Key questions addressed in the innovation research service:
  • What is the current status of sensing technologies in smartphones and wearables?
  • What are the emerging sensor solutions which can be adopted in smartphones and wearables?
  • What are the factors influencing adoption of sensors in the smartphone and wearables market?
  • What are the patent and funding trends?
  • What are the key innovations propelling R&D in next-generation sensors?
  • What is the R&D pipeline for next-generation sensors?