This research service offers an in-depth analysis of the current e-Hailing market and discusses the 2025 outlook. It delves into evolving business models, market consolidations and partnerships, regulatory reforms being undertaken by authorities, and advanced technology trends. The study also analyzes regional markets trends and captures growth potential and avenues for the next decade. It will benefit the entire automotive value chain, including e-Hailing app providers, OEMs, car rental and fleet companies, financial service providers, technology solution providers, and a host of other industry participants looking to understand current trends and their implications.

Key Questions This Study Will Answer
  • What are the benefits, advantages, and disadvantages of e-Hailing? What impact does e-Hailing have on the traditional taxi industry?
  • What are the different business and revenue models employed by e-Hailing participants? What are the different businesses these participants are diversifying into?
  • How are legal and regulatory frameworks impacting the market?
  • What are the implications of the evolving business models on various stakeholders as well as the different sectors of the industry? What are the key government initiatives that are catalyzing the evolving e-Hailing space?
  • How are the market participants and other connected industries, such as automakers, going to settle in a period of fast growth and intense competition?