Central vascular devices, particularly catheters, have been a mainstay of modern medicine for the last 40 years. These devices are intended for patients with both acute and chronic diseases such as systemic infections, which require catheters that are able to be situated comfortably and confidently within a patient’s venous system for extended periods of time. The report analyses the market at a category (PICC, Non-tunneled, tunneled, port, hemodialysis catheters and Huber needles) and subcategory level (E.G. antimicrobial vs non-antimicrobial and acute vs chronic hemodialysis catheters) highlighting trends and issues affecting utilization, volume and value of central access devices within the 5EU region. Key topics discussed include the increasing utilization of PICCs thanks to the development of nurse led implantations and the reasons for the slow adoption of antimicrobial technologies within major markets.

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Key Questions Answered

  • What is the current and future outlook of central vascular access devices in developed and emerging 5EU markets?
  • What trends are affecting the 5EU central vascular access devices market?
  • What are the market sizes of each central vascular access device segments in the 5EU?
  • What are unmet needs in the central vascular access devices market? What are the clinical and non-clinical barriers in this space?

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