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In the age of rapidly changing business conditions, rising regulatory pressures have added to the overheads involved in addressing and managing escalating compliance and risk issues associated with legacy banking systems. With budget constraints, and unpredictable market conditions and challenges, banks are constantly focusing on improving operational efficiency. GRC has come a long way by integrating the various diverse modules of risk, compliance, and governance to provide a holistic view of risks across the various siloed departments in a retail banking system. GRC serves as a tool to manage uncertainties and leverage opportunities that are in the best interest of banks.

Key Findings

  • Banks are investing in third-party risk management solutions that enable them to identify, assess, monitor and mitigate the risks presented by relationships with vendors, suppliers, agents, distributors, and other third parties.
  • ICT vendors are providing big data and analytics driven solutions that can enable banks to harness the risk and compliance computation data from their structured and unstructured banking data.
  • However, using duplicate and inconsistent data formats can seriously hinder a bank’s decision making process and add pressure to risk management systems.

Current Analysis’ Vertical Focus Report - Retail Banking: Trends in governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management depicts the business challenges faced by the retail banking sector in the GRC domain along with the recent demand side and supply side trends in this functional area. The report outlines the evolution of the GRC domain and identifies the key opportunity areas for the ICT vendors. This report also presents Current Analysis’ view of the revenue opportunities in retail banking GRC domain through to 2019, highlighting the market size and growth by geography.

In particular, it provides an in-depth analysis of the following:

  • The latest trends impacting the retail bank GRC market.
  • The market trends (both supply-side and demand-side) that will facilitate the growth of the retail banking GRC market.
  • The technology evolution of the market and vendor opportunities
  • The market inhibitors that may hinder the pervasive adoption of GRC among retail banks.
  • The primary findings from Current Analysis’ view of revenue opportunities in the retail banking GRC market through to 2019, highlighting the market size and growth by regions.
  • An identification of banks’ IT budget allocation and IT priorities relating to GRC.

Reasons To Buy

  • Understand the retail banks’ landscape, the recent trends, and inhibitors shaping the retail banking GRC market.
  • Comprehend the retail banking GRC market evolution.
  • Enhance your market segmentation by analyzing the revenue opportunity forecasts figure in the retail banking GRC market from 2015 to 2019, across geographies.
  • Comprehend retail banks’ IT budget allocation and prioritization of top IT projects in 2015
  • Understand how retail banking GRC market opportunities are set to change in the market in near future.