Climate change has transformed as a global issue with almost all nations considering adoption of new strategies and technology advancements to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The power generation sector, which is as a key source of GHG emissions plays a key role as it exhibits significant potential for GHG mitigation. Coal happens to be one of the most important power source providing for approximately 40% of the global energy demands. Developing nations still depend on coal for their power production.

However, recent developments such as the global initiatives to reduce emissions and adopt renewable energy have called for developing and adopting newer solutions for coal based power. These solutions are primarily targeted to offer better efficiency and lower emissions. These two factors are interrelated and are at present governing all the energy research and projects globally. In order to fully bring the role of technology progress into play, it is imperative to identify advanced power generation technologies technologies and independently strengthen their ability in research, demonstration and application.

The technologies that are of focus in this research service are Chemical Looping Combustion, Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle, Magnetohydrodynamic Power Cycle and supercritical CO2 based power generation.