Natural gas accounts for almost a quarter of world’s energy consumption and its being brought into use considerably in the last 30 years. The Russian Federation is the largest gas producing country and the world leading exporting country. Natural gas is the predominant fuel in Russia, accounting for nearly half of the country’s domestic consumption. It is followed closely by Iran. Other major producing countries are Canada, United Kingdom, Algeria, Indonesia, Iran, Netherlands, Norway and Uzbekistan.

The countries of North America constitute a very integrated and mature market for natural gas. The North American natural gas market is almost self-sufficient. The liberalization process in natural gas market started as early as the seventies in Canada and United States, and they are the countries who have gone furthest in opening the market to competition. The reserves of natural gas in Western Europe are limited, accounting for less than 5% of global resources. At present, the European market is under structural changes resulting from the liberalization process that is taking place.

Major players in the market are BP Plc, Gazprom, National Iranian Oil Company, Petroleos de Venezuela.S.A., ExxonMobil Corporation, amongst others. As natural gas is essentially irreplaceable (at least with current technology), it is important to have an idea of how much natural gas is left in the ground for us to use. However, this becomes complicated by the fact that no one really knows exactly how much natural gas exists until it is extracted.

The non-OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries are expected to contribute the bulk of the growth in the production of natural gas in coming years. Russia and the Middle East are expected to make major contributions to the rise in the production of natural gas. But it is absolutely possible that the dominant position of classic production countries, especially Russia, could soon erode strongly. Poland, on the other hand, could become a relevant player in the global market.

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