The global amaranth seed oil market is anticipated to witness an impressive growth rate of approx. 12.3% during the forecasted period 2016-2022. The global amaranth seed oil market can be segregated on the basis of extraction type including supercritical fluid Co2 extraction, cold pressing, organic solvent extraction and various other technologies. Amongst the, cold pressing technology/method is anticipated to account for the largest market share. It is the commonly used technology for the amaranth oil production due to its low technology cost and high oil quality production. Although cold pressing method has lower rate. Along with it, supercritical fluid Co2 extraction method is anticipated to be the fastest growing segment in the global amaranth seed oil market owing to its higher yield capacity as compared to other production processes. The global market can further be segmented on the basis of applications including pharmaceuticals, food supplements, cosmetics & personal care, aromatics and other numerous applications. Amongst the various applications, cosmetics & personal care segment dominates the application segment in 2014. This application held the market share of around 40% in 2014. The growth of this segment is attributed by the increasing demand for naturally derived personal care products. The amaranth seed oilmarket is dominated by some major companies such asFlavexNaturextracte GmbH, Proderna Biotech Pvt. Ltd., RusOliva, AMR Amaranth A.S. FlavexNaturextracte GmbH and Amaranth Bio Company.

The amaranth seed oilmarket is majorly driven by its rising demand from cosmetic industry owing to its significant properties such as cell rejuvenation, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, strengthened immune system, anti-oxidation and many more. This oil possess around 5-9% of squalene. Owing to the presence of squalene, amaranth oil has found its application in medicinal purposes specifically cancer therapies. In amaranth seed oil industry, significant level of R&D is required at the micro level in order to deliver a quality product. The growth in the field of amaranth seed oil market demands constant innovation as well as the introduction of new & enhanced products & technologies to meet the requirements. The raw material required for the production of amaranth oil is a few selected species of the amaranth crop. Primarily, amaranth crop is valued on account of its numerous health benefits. It has been known to grow & repair tissue, boost bone strength, reduce varicose veins, ease in weight loss, lower blood pressure and prevent diseases. The key feature of the amaranth seed oil is that it is gluten free. Due to these qualitative features it has been deployed in pharmaceutical and food supplement industries. However, lack of government support and low availability of raw materials are expected to restraint the growth of the global amaranth seed oil market.

The report segmented amaranth seed oilmarket on the basis of application, extraction type and region. The country level analysis of each geographical region is the USP of our report. The analysis of the report is based onproduction cost of amaranth seed oil, import and export scenario and the production of amaranth crops across regions. The data is collected through primary and secondary research. The report provides detailed analysis of key market players and their strategies.