The global NG truck market will grow steadily aided by stricter emission and noise regulations and lower NG prices. The MD truck segment comprising of refuse and distribution will grow in the medium term while long-haul vehicles will provide the much-needed impetus for NG vehicles through the growing fuelling infrastructure and in-house NG engine platforms from OEMs and Tier-I engine suppliers. This study captures key emerging trends in major NG markets of North America, Europe, and China. It also focuses on technology penetration across different duty cycle applications. Additionally, the next set of countries with a significant potential for NG vehicle growth has been identified along with key drivers and challenges.

Key Questions
  • What are the key market trends influencing the global natural gas commercial vehicle market?
  • What is the market status for NG medium and heavy duty trucks across different regions?
  • What are the key duty-cycle applications across different regions? What is the level of technology penetration among each vehicle segment?
  • Which are the leading OEM’s in the global natural gas commercial vehicle market and what are their product portfolios?
  • Which regions have strong potential to emerge as the next set of adopters of natural gas vehicles in the future?