The global air starters market is expected to grow with the CAGR of 4% during the forecasted period and the revenue is estimated to grow approximately $417 million by 2022.
Air starter market is divided on the basis of end users and type. Air starters market have wide applications in major industries such as marine, aviation, oil & gas etc. Amongst all, oil & gas segment is the highest end user segment and aviation is expected to be the fastest growing end user segment for the air starter market. According to type of air starter, such as vane and turbine starter, turbine starter is dominating the air starter market and vane starter is estimated to be the fastest growing segment. Gas turbine aircraft engines such as turbofans, turboshafts and turbojets frequently use air/pneumatic starting, with the utilization of bleed air from built in external air compressors or auxiliary power units (APUs) currently seen as a ordinary starting method. Generally, only sole engine require to be started utilizing the APU (or remote compressor). After the initial engine is started employing cross-bleed air, APU bleed air from the running engine can be utilized to start the remaining engines.

There are some market determinants, which are affecting the market positively and negatively. The major factor that is affecting the market positively is higher power to weight ratio as compared to electric starter. An air-start system is a source of power used to offer the early rotation to start huge diesel and gas turbine engines. As compared to electric starters, air-starters have a huge power-to-weight ratio. Electric starters and their wiring can become extremely hot if it takes higher than expected to begin the engine, while air-starters can be run as faster as their air supply remains. Turbine starters are very easier and are a natural suit for turbine engines, and therefore employs excessively on big turbofan engines utilized on commercial and military aircraft.
The more positive factors such as growth in oil & gas industry, application of turbine engines in commercial & military aircraft etc. The factors which are creating opportunity are growth of aviation industry. The negative factors, which are creating hindrance for the market, are high cost as compared to electric starters and presence of substitute products such as variable frequency drives and electric starter. The challenging factor for the market is growing innovations in variable frequency drives.

North America is leading the air starter market due to high adoption of air starter in the US, Europe is the second leading region for the market. Asia pacific is the fastest growing region for the market due to high growth in aviation industry in the regions such as India, China etc.

The key companies of the air starter market, profiled in the report are IPU group, Power works (Pty) Ltd, Air starter components Inc. (ASC), UTC Aerospace systems etc. The companies used various strategies i.e. mergers, acquisitions, partnership, product developments etc. to expand their market share globally and remain in the competition.