When it comes to the aspect of change, mining industry is very conservative. Mining operators are hesitant to adopt new solutions because of the fear of losing their jobs. Decisions related to the adoption of innovative technology are taken very cautiously and it is implemented only when it is necessary. So, at present health and safety of the miners is the prime focus area of the industry. Opportunities for new technologies appear to be tough based on the current scenario.
Mines of today are subjected to various issues such as energy and water consumption, increasing operating costs, fluctuating price of commodities, reduction in the profit margin, and health and safety (of miners). Transformation trends such as operational intelligence, developing infrastructure, demand and supply, integrated industry, utilization of greener concept, and emergence of new technologies are driving the need for enhanced and innovative sensing devices in the mining industry. Companies need to identify the key elements of transformation faster and devise strategies to accelerate adoption of novel sensing platforms. The mining industry is focused on the enhancing the functionalities of mines and health and safety of the miners.

The technology and innovation report has evaluated advances in sensing technologies, and its impact on the mining industry in the near-, medium-, and long-term. The requirement of the mining industry varies depending on its processes. The report captures sensor innovations from different dimensions such as exploration, ore deposition, ore extraction, transportation, ore processing, and health and safety of the miner.
Key questions addressed in the report:
  • What is the current status of mining industry?
  • What are the emerging needs in the mining industry?
  • What are the transformational trends in the mining industry?
  • What are the key steps involved in mining process?
  • How will sensor implementation benefit different processes in mining?
  • What are the key sensor innovations impacting mining industry?
  • What is the impact on megatrends?
  • What is the scope for technology convergence?