Automotive OEMs are experimenting with wireless communication to bring in high-speed Internet to moving vehicles to support use cases such as virtual reality, real-time gaming, and live video streaming. Cellular communication systems (2G, 3G, 4G) face issues in terms of speed, coverage, security and 5G is yet to be commercialized. This research service identifies how the software-defined satellite antenna equipped with satellite communication will handle humongous data exchange, global coverage, and data security. The study discusses the influence of satellite communication and its potential in the automotive industry and provides a detailed analysis on the current and future outlook of satellite communication in the automotive industry.

Key Questions this study will answer
  • How does satellite communication disrupt cellular communication systems?
  • What are the expectations and challenges that 5G and satellite communication face?
  • What are the various use cases that 5G and satellite communication can support in the automotive industry?
  • Which OEMs have taken initiatives and what is the future outlook for satellite communication in the automotive industry?