The need for anti-corrosion technologies for offshore structures has gained prominence in the last three years due to increasing demand  for effective and sustained protection of offshore structures that can result in their increased service life and reduced operating costs. Growth opportunities for anti-corrosion technologies is expected to be foremost in offshore structures in oil & gas, and wind energy segments  also hold immense potential for anti-corrosion coatings in the next 5 to 10 years.

This research service titled, "Anti-corrosion Technologies for Offshore Structures (TechVision)", focuses on the technology advances, innovations and emerging opportunities in the offshore anti-corrosion technologies across applications with specfic primary focus on the oil and gas and offshore wind energysegments. The research focuses on providing an overview of anti corrosion technologies such as anti-corrosion coatings, cathodic protection (CP), and metal plating, their applications and innovation landscape. The research also highlights the needs and requirements of end users and a technology roadmap highlighting the expected adoption of various technologies that will enable coating manufacturers to meet requirements of offshore structures.