Q3 2016 Global Bid Round Outlook - Cyprus’ 3rd Round Bidding Marks First of the Quarter


Globally six bid rounds are due to close in Q3 2016, apart from Cyprus’ third round, which had already closed on July 22. Six bids were received for three blocks that are on offer in the Cyprus’ third round. Lease Sale 248 in the US offers the highest number of blocks among the bid rounds due to close in the quarter. Norway’s bid round, the APA 2016, offers the second highest number of blocks. Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation is due to close its 2016 round in the quarter, which for the first time offers a PSA that adjusts the profit split according to price as well as production, similar to the framework already offered by other major NOCs in Egypt - GANOPE and EGAS.


  • Provides overview of global bid rounds due to close or closed in Q3 2016
  • Major developments related to bid rounds in Q2 2016
  • Information on each bid round due to close in Q3 2016 by country
  • Recent exploration and licensing history of countries where bids are due to close in the quarter
  • Overview of bid rounds due in Q4 2016

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