Healthcare as an industry is entering a phase of rapid transformation. Institutions across the stakeholder spectrum including health insurers, providers, and therapeutic developers face the proposition of adapt or collapse. The health insurance industry particularly is evaluating all aspects of its business models, policy holder engagement, and plan structures. Among the most disruptive changes occurring to private insurance include: Consumerism, Big Data & Analytics, Chronic Disease Prevention/ Management, mHealth Tools, and Transition to Value-Based Compensation. This study provides health insurers with an overview of the global private health insurance markets, including trends, innovation case studies, potential innovation avenues, future trends watch as well as potential partners.

Key Questions this Study will Answer
  • Which trends are affecting the global private health insurance market?
  • What is the focus of innovation of global health insurance companies, and how does it vary by type and market?
  • Why are innovations being employed by global health and adjunct sector insurers, and what are those?
  • Which current and future developments are likely to impact the global private health insurance industry?
  • How will the future health insurer be, and what should private health insurers do to get there?