The bakery and cereals sector is under increasing pressure, with refined carbohydrates being shunned in favor of whole grains and high-protein options. Manufacturers must respond quickly by aligning with key health trends in order to stay relevant and stem the decline.

Key Findings

  • The majority of consumers are highly ingredient-attentive, meaning it is vital that bakery and cereal manufacturers understand consumer trends in order to ensure innovation aligns with their needs.
  • The sugar backlash and heart health are two of the key health trends impacting the bakery and cereals category that manufacturers need to respond to; for example, by using "natural" low-calorie sweeteners in breakfast cereals and reducing salt in bread.
  • Consumers are more interested in products that claim to contain natural ingredients than those that use the claims "from natural sources" or "inspired by nature."

"Emerging Ingredients in Bakery and Cereals" identifies five emerging ingredients selected in alignment with key health trends impacting the bakery and cereals sector, and identifies ways in which manufacturers can capitalize.

Your key questions answered:

  • What consumer trends are underpinning demand for these ingredients?
  • Which consumer groups are most likely to find the ingredients appealing?
  • How can bakery and cereals manufacturers capitalize on key health trends by using these ingredients?
  • What innovation opportunities exist to use these emerging ingredients?

Reasons To Buy

  • Understand key health trends impacting the bakery and cereals sector.
  • Identify emerging new ingredients and explore how they can be used in innovation to respond to key health trends.