The global market for microscopy is expected to witness a solid growth during the forecast period mainly on the back of growing demand for the application of microscopes in various fields. During the forecast period, the global microscopy market is estimated to propel with a CAGR of 8.3%. The primary growth driver, driving the microscopy market on a global basis is the rapid adoption of microscopes in academic institute hospitals, industries, private laboratories etc. In addition, the adoption of microscopes in various material sciences is a pushing the global microscopy forward.

Other driving forces acting positively in the market include rising innovation in the industry which is also leading the government to spend much on R&D.. Proper and immense research has resulted in development in technology. The nanotechnology gaining huge importance in the sector of healthcare, it has acted as a key factor for the market growth. Moving ahead, seeing the lucrative opportunities with the microscopy market, funding by private and public players and supportive government policies have been on the forefront lately which is impacting the microscopy market on a positive note. Technological innovations such as high throughput techniques, digitization, and super resolution microscopy are boosting the demand for global microscopy market.

Also there are some opportunities in microscopy market which can be the major reason for the high growth of the market during the forecasted period such as the mixture of microscopy with spectroscopy and untapped opportunity in economic regions
However, there are certain factors that might hinder the smooth growth of the microscopy market. Some of these factors include high cost of advanced microscopes and heavy taxes and duties. High custom duty charged in export / import on medical equipment and exertion of excise duty by U.S government.