Verdict Retail’s, "Automotive Aftermarket Retail Sales in Greece to 2019: Sales by Component (Value and Volume Analytics)" makes available retail sales value and volume for 40+ Aftermarket Automotive Components with historical data for 2011 to 2014 and forecast from 2015 to 2019.

The Aftermarket Automotive Components included in the report are:

Accessories: Alloy wheels, Floor mats, In-car entertainment, Roof bars, Roof boxes, Satellite navigation and Tow bars
Consumables: Antifreeze/coolant and Windscreen wash
Crash Repair Parts: Bonnets, Bumpers, Doors, Glass, Light housings, Paints and solvents, and Wings
Mechanical Parts: Alternators, Clutches, Radiators and Starter motors
Service Parts: Air filters, Cabin filters, Diesel filters, Glow plug, Oil, Oil filters, Petrol filters and Spark plug
Steering and Suspension Parts: Stabiliser Link Bars, Tie Rod Ends, Track Control Arms
Tyres: Tyres
Wear and Tear Parts: Brake discs, Brake drums, Brake pads, Brake shoes, Catalytic converters, Exhaust systems, Shock absorbers, Starter batteries and Windscreen wiper blades

"Automotive Aftermarket Retail Sales in Greece to 2019: Sales by Component (Value and Volume Analytics)" report is the result of Verdict Retail’s extensive market research covering the Automotive industry in Greece. It provides detailed historic and forecast statistics on Retail Sales from 2011 to 2019 for each category by component.

The report acts as an essential tool for companies active across Greece’s retail industry and for new players considering entering the market. The comprehensive statistics within the report provides insight into the operating environment of the market and also ensures right business decision making based on historical trends and industry model based forecasting.

*This is an on-demand report and will be delivered within 2 working days (excluding weekends) of the purchase.

Key Findings

  • Overview of Greece’s automotive aftermarket by value and volume.
  • Historic and forecast sales value and volume of the automotive aftermarket for the period 2011 through to 2019.
  • Retail sales for automotive aftermarket for historic and forecast years for the categories including:

o Accessories
o Consumables
o Crash Repair Parts
o Mechanical Parts
o Service Parts
o Steering and Suspension
o Tyres
o Wear and Tear

Verdict Retail’s, "Automotive Aftermarket Retail Sales in Greece to 2019: Sales by Component (Value and Volume Analytics)" is a comprehensive market review of retail sales of Automotive Aftermarket products in Greece. The report further splits the overall retail sales of products by value and volume through eight main categories including Accessories, Consumables, Crash Repair Parts, Mechanical Parts, Service Parts, Steering and Suspension, Tyres and Wear and Tear.

Reasons To Buy

  • Provides you with an understanding of automotive aftermarket sales in Greece.
  • Allows you to analyze market as the report offers detailed historic and forecast retail sales by value and volume at a component category level.
  • Provides you with historic and forecast sales value at component level.
  • Allows you to plan future business decisions using the report’s forecast figures for the market.