This research service analyzes the impact of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies on Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). This research also identifies some visionary companies that have developed best-in-class IIoT-enabled MES solutions. The manufacturing sector is shifting towards the execution of production operations in a dynamic fashion. This is attributed to the advent of several technologies based on IIoT. The CAPEX and OPEX investment for IIoT-enabled MES solutions across the automotive, aerospace, medical devices, food & beverages, chemical, oil & gas, and pharmaceutical industries is expected to $1.64 billion and $0.97 billion respectively by 2022. Overall, the future MES solution will be interconnected with multiple platforms and come equipped with sophisticated functionalities that can handle adverse situations in the shop floor in real time.

Key Questions
What are the key IIoT-based technologies driving the development of advanced MES platforms?
What are the new business models and functionalities that are expected to be developed in the future MES solution? What is the influence of IIoT enablers on the MES architecture?
What is the impact of IIoT-based MES platforms in the process and discrete industries? How will this help to satisfy end-user requirements?
How do technologies such as Big Data analytics, cloud platform, cyber security, and smart devices impact the MES market?
What are
the adoption rates of advanced MES solutions across different regions?