Heat exchangers are used for transferring heat between fluids. Heat exchangers are utilized in nuclear reactors and they are a major component in the nuclear facilities. Heat exchangers is used for steam production in nuclear facilities and this steam is used to run the turbine for generating power. The heat exchangers are used in steam generators, moderator circuits and condensers.

Aruvian Research analyzes the Market for Heat Exchanger Equipment for Nuclear Power Plants. The report analyzes the global market for heat exchanger equipments for nuclear power plants through regions and key markets.

The report begins with a definition of heat exchangers and an introduction to heat exchangers. The section looks at types of heat exchangers, application areas, cost of a heat exchanger, selection of an optimal heat exchanger, maintenance and monitoring of heat exchangers and the lifespan of heat exchangers.

The global market for heat exchanger equipment for nuclear power plants is analyzed through a market overview and then segmenting the market by the usage of the equipments in condensers, moderator circuits and steam generators. The Each segment is analyzed through market overview and market revenues. Industry competition is also analyzed.

Trends and challenges facing the market for heat exchanger equipment for nuclear power plants are analyzed in the report.

Moving on, we analyze the market through various regions. The industry is analyzed in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. Each region is analyzed through an industry overview, market for nuclear heat exchanger equipments used in condensers, moderator circuits and steam generators.

Key markets analyzed in the report include Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Ukraine and United States.

Major industry players are analyzed through corporate analysis, financial analysis and a SWOT analysis. Players include Alstom SA, Areva SA, BWX Technologies, Larsen & Toubro, BHI Company Limited, and others.