Work Force Development to be a Top Priority for the Growth of Nuclear Industry


Workforce development must be among the nuclear industry’s top priorities to overcome the looming staffing crisis. Qualified, quality manpower must be generated with focused investment in training facilities and the wide-spread promotion of careers in the nuclear industry to meet its needs in the various fields of operation and maintenance, fuel processing, spent fuel management, and decommissioning. These kinds of initiatives, along with research and development activity to ensure technological growth, will be essential to ensuring the long-term health of the nuclear industry.


- The report focuses on the nuclear work force development initiatives of various countries
- Specifies the benefits and importance of nuclear manpower planning
- The report identifies key developments in nuclear workforce training

Reasons to buy

- Understand the role and importance of nuclear work force planning
- Gain insights on the nuclear work force planning initiatives of various countries
- Facilitate investment decision-making based on current and future availability of nuclear expertise


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