Recent events in the world have significantly altered the aerospace and defense industry across Europe, especially in France. The rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria compounded with the problem of refugees from the Middle East and Africa region, the entire European region is reeling under tremendous pressure in terms of protecting its borders.

The aerospace and defense industry in France is growing rapidly and is being driven by a demand for more fuel efficient aircrafts and other machineries as the country looks to expand its industry in the face of the constant threat looming over Europe from IS and other militant factors.

Aruvian Research analyzes French aerospace and defense industry in its research report France’s Aerospace & Defense Industry 2016. The report begins with an analysis of the global aerospace and defense industry and moves on to the analysis of the French aerospace and defense industry.

The market is analyzed through market overview, industry segmentation through product categories and by geography as well. Competition in the industry is looked at along with challenges facing the industry and an overview of the French civil aviation industry.

We also include a Porter’s Five Forces analysis of the French aerospace and defense industry that looks at the bargaining power of suppliers and buyers in the industry, competitive rivalry in the industry, threat of new entrants to the industry and the threat of substitutes facing the industry.

An analysis of the industry players through a corporate analysis, financial analysis and a SWOT analysis completes this report on the French aerospace and defense industry.