Global smart grid investment is likely to grow rapidly. By 2025, a complete transformation to a smarter grid is unlikely but the process would have gained pace with major changes underway in grid automation, demand-side management, and Big Data analytics. Revenue growth will be the fastest in Europe. Demand response and advanced metering infrastructure will be key applications. Till 2025, the share of distribution grid management will continue to be the highest but demand response and advanced transmission technologies will grow the fastest. Cloud services are already encouraging X-as-a-service business model, making it the norm for offering software and services in 2025. This study makes key predictions for the smart grid industry in 2025.

Key Questions
  • What are the key trends influencing the transformation to smarter grids in 2025?
  • What will the electrical grid look like in 2025?
  • What will be the role of different stakeholders, especially DSOs and TSOs?
  • How much will the global smart grid industry be worth in 2025? Which areas will offer the best opportunities for growth?
  • Which are the geographic hotspots? Which countries or regions will be the early adopters?