This strategic market Insight covers the Top 10 market trends of the Class 4–8 medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles in North America (the United States and Canada). The key macro trends covered in this study include ageing truck population, technician shortage outpacing demand, and right to repair—CSA creating opportunities. Key maintenance trends include sustained remanufacturing growth, strong performance of OEM private labels, total cost of ownership top of mind among fleets, and opportunities in aftertreatment products. Key technology trends include truck parts eCommerce emerging, connected trucks improving maintenance, and leveraging Big Data. Additionally, the study provides insight into the implications of these trends on the aftermarket.

Key Questions This Study Will Answer
  • What is the market size of the truck industry and the entire after market for the Class 4–8 segment?
  • Who are the OEMs in each segment and category and product line that dominate the channel?
  • What are the potential revenue hotspots where new entrants can invest in the near future?
  • What are the limitations of focusing on only one product category in the truck maintenance and repair industry?
  • What are the potential legislations and regulations that could float or sink a particular product or service?