Capacitive sensor technology provides key benefits, such as a small form factor, low power, and immunity to temperature effects. This research service identifies and assesses key opportunities, developments, and innovations in capacitive sensors. Different types of capacitive sensor technologies are profiled, including MEMS capacitive sensors and soft, stretchable capacitive sensors. Key sensing parameters, such as touch, acceleration angular rate, pressure, humidity, gas, fingerprint identification, and proximity/position, are scrutinized, along with key applications for different types of capacitive sensors, such as consumer electronics and wearables, automotive, industrial, aerospace/military,  and healthcare.

The technology and innovation report covers:
  • An overview of key technology and market trends impacting capacitive sensing
  • A review of key technological and business challenges and drivers influencing the adoption and growth
  • Overview of key developments and advancements (innovation landscape and profiles)
  • Landscape of key application segments
  • Key market/application needs and requirements that impact the prospects for R&D initiatives
  • Market potential, growth opportunities, and roadmap
  • Insights into the technological issues and market requirements that need to be addressed and exploited in order to capture opportunities