Sub-Saharan Africa lags behind most regions in the world in the availability, accessibility, and management of water. A key challenge for water utilities here is the high water losses in the water reticulation network. These are physical water losses due to leakages as well as apparent losses due to water theft and improper metering. Together, these losses in the water supply system make up the non-revenue water (NRW) for a utility. South Africa, Tanzania, and Mozambique lose about 35% of their total supplied water as NRW, while Zimbabwe loses about 53%. This research service provides an overview of the current situation of NRW in select Sub-Saharan African nations and the strategies being adopted for its future reduction.

Key Questions This Study Will Answer
  • What is the situation of water resources and their availability in the target countries?
  • What are the population dynamics, historical and future trends relating to rural, urban, and overall population growth?
  • What is the water demand and consumption scenario for various sectors?
  • What is the NRW situation, historical developments and challenges faced in NRW reduction in the concerned economies?
  • How is the NRW situation projected to improve in future and what opportunities are available for private sector participation?
  • What factors influence NRW reduction strategies in the target regions