Leading Stem Cell Companies – Discover What Their Futures Hold, Benefiting Your Reputation for Commercial Insight
Who are the leading stem cell developers and producers? And what are their sales outlooks? This updated report shows you their activities and potentials from 2016. There you discover therapies, results, trends in research and development, opportunities and revenue forecasts.

That way you explore data and discussions on cellular technologies transforming human medicine. Our study analyses 25 leading companies in the US, Europe, Israel and Asia-Pacific. There you hear how stem cell producers can progress and gain. Discover their potentials and see what the future holds.

Please read on, then, to scan those organisations and find what revenue that fast-growing and potentially large market could generate in future. See what is possible.

Forecasts and other data to benefit your authority on stem cell biotechnology
In our study you find profiles of 25 prominent stem cell companies and analyses of their industry. You explore sales results, R&D and revenue forecasting. Explore, from 2016, those firms’ capabilities, portfolios and commercial prospects.

In our updated report you gain 55 tables, 24 charts and two interviews with that industry. You see our discussions with authorities from Mesoblast and Gamida Cell.

With our study you could help your research, analyses and decisions, also saving time. And see how you could benefit your reputation for commercial insight.

Stay ahead, then, for knowledge on that vast, rising industry. The following sections explain how our new investigation benefits your work.

United States (US) – assess leading organisations, seeing what is possible
First our study gives you discussions, analyses and commercial outlooks for 11 US-based stem cell companies:

  • Osiris Therapeutics
  • Caladrius Biosciences
  • Orthofix
  • NuVasive
  • AlloSource
  • RTI Surgical
  • Vericel Corporation
  • U.S. Stem Cell, Inc.
  • Neuralstem
  • Astellas/Ocata Therapeutics
  • Athersys

There you hear what the future holds for those cellular biology companies, including regulations, research trends and some revenue predictions.

Our study then analyses Asian organisations, explaining that region’s potential.

Stem cell specialists based in the Asia Pacific region – what developments possible?
You also discover commercial outlooks for six top researchers, developers and producers of stem cells in the Asia Pacific region:

  • Mesoblast
  • Reliance Life Sciences
  • Anterogen
  • Pharmicell
  • Stempeutics.

Our analyses show possibilities for advancing technology and raising business performance, assessing where future sales expansion is possible. Explore regulations and see how companies progress, assessing revenue potentials.

The report then analyses Europe and Israel, showing those countries’ activities and potentials.

Companies based in Europe and Israel – what successes can they achieve?
Our analysis also shows you progress and prospects for eight European and Israeli companies:

  • TiGenix
  • Celyad
  • Apceth
  • ReNeuron
  • Gamida Cell
  • Cell Cure Neurosciences
  • Pluristem Therapeutics
  • BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics.

Many opportunities arise in that industry, with high, expanding revenues possible from this decade. In our study you also explore clinical testing and plans for launching products.

Predictions for the worldwide stem cells market – see that industry’s sales potential
Our report also forecasts sales to 2026 for the overall world stem cells industry. There you find revenues reaching $17.8bn in 2020, with high growth to 2026.

In our study you also gain revenue forecasting to 2026 for these products:

  • Trinity Elite and Trinity Evolution
  • Osteocel Plus
  • MSC-100-IV
  • CardioRel
  • Hearticellgram-AMI
  • Cartistem.

See there how applications of stem cells can perform. Find, from 2016, where those organisations can generate high sales. That industry holds vast potential.

With our report you assess how stem cell companies can compete and succeed. See what their future holds and how you can gain.

Technologies and issues shaping that industry and market – what is happening?
Our study explains stem cell technologies and forces influencing that industry and market. There you explore developments and forces, including these:

  • Sales potentials of leading stem cell therapies to 2026 – see what is possible
  • mbryonic stem cells – potentials in tissue repair and regenerative medicine
  • Autologous and allogeneic agents, including T cell therapy
  • Advances in treating eye disorders, e.g. age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
  • Novel treatments for cancer and other applications – e.g. diabetes and bone re-growth – including progress of clinical trials and product launches.

With that work you assess these influences, too, among others:

  • Regulations for that research and its applications – see what countries do
  • Umbilical cord blood – applications and approvals for that tissue and cell banking
  • Mergers, acquisitions, alliances and venture capital – explore what shapes that industry and affects its future
  • Non-therapeutic pharma applications – screening and toxicity studies in drug development.

In our survey you also find interviews with two companies – Mesoblast and Gamida Cell. There gain information to help you stay ahead in knowledge on challenges, progress, potentials and future trends.

See what is possible, then, for that cell-based biotechnology and explore what its future holds.

Ways Pharma Leader Series: Top Stem Cell Companies Report 2016-2026 helps you
In particular, our independent analysis gives you this knowledge to benefit your work:
  • Profiles of 25 leading stem cell companies in North America, Europe, Israel and Asia – assess products, R&D, results, strategies, alliances and sales outlooks
  • Revenue forecasting to 2026 for that overall world market – discover potential sales, exploring those technologies’ commercial prospects
  • Forecast revenues to 2026 for leading stem cell products – see how top companies’ technologies can compete and succeed
  • Opportunities, competition and demands – explore what affects companies, finding what influences sales and shapes organisations’ futures
  • Interviews with companies in that industry – find what participants say and do, helping you stay ahead in knowledge and benefit your influence.