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Malaysia power generation EPC market is expected to reach $XX billion in 2020 from $ billion in 2014. It is estimated that the market would grow at a CAGR of XX percent during this period.

With a growth in power consumption in Southeast Asia region and Malaysia in particular, there is an increase in number of Power generation projects in this region, thus leaving a huge market for EPC industry in Power generation sector. While the current trends offer many opportunities to the EPC players, on the flipside EPC companies have to address many challenges while executing large scale projects from inflated bidding process to backlogs and lack of skilled labor.

Moreover, the entire risk of loss is bared by the contractor which is discouraging entry of small local players into the market. Malaysia is an emerging economy which also drives power generation EPC industry. Initially the facilities in Malaysia were developed during British colonization. Since its independence in 1957, Malaysia has gone a long way towards developing its economy and infrastructures.

Malaysia has shown special focus in improving its electricity sector with its National energy policies. It is one of the fast growing developing nations and this development is also due to its reliable electricity sector. The first energy policy of Malaysia was drafted in 1979 to ensure efficient and secure supplies of energy especially electricity.

This report comprehensively analyzes the Malaysia Power Generation EPC market by segmenting it based on type of projects, and EPC Market Players. Key drivers and restraints that are effecting the growth of this market are discussed in detail. The study also elucidates on competitive landscape and key market players.

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