The Global Data Center Cooling Market is set to grow at a CAGR of 12.50% over the period 2015-2020.

To meet the requirements of the customers, IT organizations are deploying new applications. This is leading to space, power and cooling shortage. These issues have led many organizations to realize data center costs are now part of their limited budget. To take full advantage of their systems, they need to spend effectively and in those technologies which increases the lifespan of the data center as well as business agility. Data Center cooling is a primary target for energy efficiency improvements. These help in bringing down costs related to data centers energy consumption. Companies are now working towards new cooling technologies as well as refining the old ones. Some of the cooling technologies which are being used at present are chillers, air conditioners, economizers and hot huts. With data centers that are contributors to greenhouse gas emission, green data centers are gaining traction. These data center cooling systems maximize energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact.


Little attention has been given so far to the cost of energy used by different IT systems. But with the rising energy costs, enterprises are looking towards those solutions which can help them in reducing operating costs. The demand for such solutions are increasing and has become one of the driving factors behind the decisions for adopting new technologies.

The consistent demand for data centers is also be a major contributor to the cooling systems market.

There are many companies which are working towards improving the efficiency of their already existing data center cooling systems.


The factors challenging the data center cooling systems market are the system’s adaptability requirements and erratic power supply requirements in some regions.

Skanska is one of the companies has developed eOPTI-TRAX, a new data center cooling technology which can reduce expenditure incurred in these cooling systems. As the demand for data center grows, there will be a need for more effective cooling solutions. Though there are some major players like IBM, Schneider Electric and HP present in the Data Center cooling market, some other vendors like Skanska are challenging the status quo with their superior solutions.