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Global homecare market is highly attractive for consumer products space. Home care products include dishwashing liquids, household cleaners and fabric conditioners for a fresh and sparkling clean house, and others.

Supply – Demand Scenario:

The global Homecare packaging market was $xx.xx in 2014 and is estimated to reach $xx.xx by 2020

Drivers vs. Constraints:

Increasing per capita income of people in the developing countries
Improving standards of living
Despite economic downturns, demand for home healthcare products is increasing, so is the requirement for packaging solutions. Plastics are the major packaging material being used by companies, driven by advantages like durability, cost benefits and versatility. New polymers like PLA, biodegradable PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate), bio PTT (polytrimethyl terephthalate), etc. are slowly getting acceptance, however, cost remains a deterrent.

Industry Trends and Updates:

Growing preference for healthier lifestyle has led to increased demand for homecare products. Increasing medical care costs is leading to more number of people opting for products and solutions which can reduce their medical bills and keep them safe. Growing adoption of these solutions in developing countries like India, Brazil and China has further augmented the growth of packaging solutions for homecare products.

Manufacturers are trying to differentiate their offerings by opting for specific packaging solutions which conveys useful information while keeping the products safe. The packaging market for this segment is set to witness high growth for the forecast period.

Some of the major companies mentioned in the report are:

Amcor, Mondi Group, Bemis, Rexam, RPC Group, Winpak, AptarGroup, Sonoco, Silgan Holdings, Tetra Laval, DS Smith Plc, CAN-PACK S.A., Prolamina Packaging

What is there in Report?

1) Report gives complete market insights, the driving forces of the market, the challenges it faces and the opportunities in the current market scenario

2) A complete market segmentation has been done on the basis of different packaging and product types along with detailed analysis for the next 5 years

3) Complete market breakdown has been done for different regions like North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East and Africa as well as the country level segmentation to give a detailed picture of the homecare packaging market

3) The report also gives information of major vendors of homecare packaging products, their existing share in the market, strategies they adopt along with the major products, financials, recent developments and profile of these vendors.