Saudi Arabia blister packaging market is estimated to reach $xx.xx billion in 2020 from present estimate of $xx.xx billion in 2014, at a compound annual growth rate of xx.xx%.

Strict regulations, demands from manufacturers and consumers alike have led to growth in usage of blister packages in Saudi Arabia . The manufacturers are looking to earn tax incentives by manufacturing products under these regulatory standards. Promotion of Growth in over the counter drugs and has also provided impetus to market.

Under the blister packaging process, individual tablets or capsules are sealed within their own cavity, usually made of thermo-formed plastic or cold-form aluminum, protecting the drug from contaminants such as moisture and oxygen by a barrier of foil, film or paperboard. Blister packaging solutions are also being used by retail industry apart from widespread usage in pharmaceuticals.

Some of the major companies mentioned in the report are Amcor, Bemis, WestPack, Sonoco, MTS Medication Technologies, Reynolds Packaging and others.

What is there in report?

1) Report gives complete market insights, the driving forces of the market, the challenges it faces and the opportunities in the current market scenario

2) A complete market segmentation has been done on the basis of different packaging and product types along with detailed analysis for the next 5 years

3) Complete market breakdown has been done to give a detailed picture of the blisters packaging market

4) The report also gives information of major vendors of blister packaging products, their existing share in the market, strategies they adopt along with the major products, financials, recent developments and profile of these vendors.