The market for plastic packaging in Colombia is estimated to reach a total market value of $xx.xx billion in 2020, from the current estimate of $xx.xx billion. Projected CAGR for the forecast period is xx.xx%.

Plastic packaging has changed the ways in which packaging industry used to function. Lightweight, durability and comfort are some of the factors which have augmented the use of plastics as a packaging material across the world. The demand for plastic packaging continues to surge even though serious concerns are being raised about its impact on the environment. Regulatory pressures and consumer demand have pushed manufacturers to look for plastic packaging solutions, which are which are of reduced weight, biodegradable or are derived from sustainable sources. These packaging solutions help in meeting the concerns of consumers and governments alike.

Plastic packaging solutions are also used across industries like manufacturing, retail, healthcare and others. Plastic packaging has gained significant traction in healthcare industry, on account of multitude of benefits which it offers like shelf-life, durability, high barrier properties and others. The demand for plastic packaging solutions will continue to grow for the forecast period. Some of the major vendors of plastic packaging mentioned in the report are Amcor, Mondi Group, Bemis, Rexam, RPC Group, Winpak, AptarGroup and others

What is there in report?

1) Report gives complete market insights, the driving forces of the market, the challenges it faces and the opportunities in the current market scenario

2) A complete market segmentation has been done on the basis of different packaging and product types along with detailed analysis for the next 5 years

3) Complete market breakdown and country level segmentation to give a detailed picture of the plastic packaging market

3) The report also gives information of major vendors of plastic packaging products, their existing share in the market, strategies they adopt along with the major products, financials, recent developments and profile of these vendors