X-ray security scanners are advanced technology for screening individuals, without physically removing clothes or making physical contact. It involves individual’s security at places such as airports, stadiums, railways, public places, government applications, border checkpoints, private sectors, and others. Increase in unlawful and unethical practices all over the world can be forbidden with the help of the security scanner products such as explosive trace detectors, full body X-ray scanners electromagnetic metal detectors, biometric technology, transmission technology and others.X-Ray Security Scanning helps to secure public places in terms of unlawful activities and avoid financial, economic, and human loss.

The X-Ray Security Scanner Market rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of XX.X percent from 2015 to 2020.

The global Security X-ray scanning market is growing rapidly at airports, public places and private sectors as compared to the other key application areas. Moreover, Rising number of airports are increasing the need for security scanners and their demand in the global market. There is an enormous possibility for this market to grow in the aviation segment due to growing need of security scanning at airports. Recently, in respect to the number of airports, the U. S. Positioned first with ~32% of the total airports in the world; followed by Brazil, Mexico, and Canada with ~10%, ~4%, and ~4% respectively. Hence people’s safety in public places such as malls, hotels, casinos, hospitals, and banks are of utmost importance, so as to avoid terrorism and unlawful activities.

The overall demand of X-ray Scanners is more in APAC as compared to other regions due to reasons such as the increasing number of terrorism and unlawful activities, private sectors and greater number of public places, among others. Major hindrance to the X-ray security scanner are Full Body Scanners Installation cost is high, privacy Issues, health concerns and others.

The global X-ray security scanner market is segmented in terms of technology, products, end users and applications. It is categorized on the basis of products as full body X-ray scanners, explosive tracer detectors, electromagnetic metal detector and biometric technology. Moreover, the market is divided on the basis of technology such as backscatter X-ray, coherent X-ray, Single energy X-ray, dual energy X-ray and multi-view X-ray.

Numerous products are available in the market for X-ray Security Scanner Market such as electromagnetic metal detectors, full body X-ray scanner, explosive tracer detectors, biometric and others.

The X-ray Security Scanner market is highly competitive with some of the key players are Eurologix Security, L-3 Communications Security & Detection Systems, Morpho Detection, MINXRAY, and others.