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3D gaming consoles are video game consoles which can support stereoscopic gameplays on integrated displays. The stereoscopic images improves the experience of the gameplay and provide realism to it by creating the illusion of depth, and providing accurate structural localization and offer better feeling of surface materials in the gaming environment. The 3D gaming consoles discernment 3D visuals from dedicated S3D games as well as 2D games into 3D format. Video game industry is able to grow from conventional 2D gaming to 3D gaming because of digital 3D display technologies, advanced gaming software tools and applications and gaming console accessories. 3D graphic games have commercialized the video games industry. 3D technology has successfully entered into home entertainment through 3D TV and Personal Computers. With manufacturers willing to provide more realistic and immersive experience to gamers, the interest in 3D gaming consoles is expected to grow in the forecast period. The global 3D gaming console industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.50% during the forecast period. The market is driven by the factors such as growing popularity of the 3D devices and development of 3D immersive and Gesture-driven games. On the other hand high game development costs and impact of games on health of the individual can be a restraint in the growth of the market. Stereoscopic 3D gaming is likely to replace the conventional 2D gaming in the coming years.

Europe is the biggest market for 3D gaming consoles and Asia Pacific is expected to grow at highest rate over the analysis period. The Asia Pacific region is dominated by Korea, Australia and China market with high purchasing power and growing addiction towards 3D gaming.

The global 3D gaming console market is segmented on the basis of consoles, platforms, technology, component and geography.

On the basis of consoles the 3D gaming market is segmented in home consoles, hand held consoles, micro consoles, and dedicated consoles. On the basis of platforms the market is categorized into Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii and many others. On the basis of technology the market is segmented into XBOX Illumiroom, Auto Stereoscopy, Leap Motion Technology, Polarized Shutter Technology, Compatible 3D Glasses, and many others. Hardware and Software are the major components of 3D gaming console market. On the basis of geographical regions, the market is segmented into seven major regions namely North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Others and Rest of the World.

Key players in the market are Microsoft Corporation, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., Nintendo Co. Ltd, Logitech, Apple, Thrustmaster and A4Tech among others.