The key player assesses that the civil helicopter market is valued at $7,876m in 2016. Civil helicopters offer a number of capabilities that cannot be achieved with fixed wing aircraft. Vertical take-off and landing capabilities mean that helicopters can operate in areas that are remote, have difficult terrain characteristics or where ground transport infrastructure or airfield facilities are under-developed or non-existent. In terms of manufacturers, the market is very compact with a handful of companies dominating in all categories of helicopter types; light, medium and large. Current market conditions are changing where demand for civil helicopters is coming from with a decline in offshore transport along with continuing demand for helicopters in EMS or law enforcement. It is therefore critical that you have your timescales correct and knowledge of significant competitive developments. This report will ensure that you do. This report will ensure that you keep informed and ahead of your competitors. Gain that competitive advantage.

 The report will answer questions such as:
  • What are the key trends, opportunities and challenges for the civil helicopter market currently and in the future?
  • What factors are behind these trends and what are the prospects are for related submarkets and regional markets?
  • Who are the leading companies in the civil helicopter industry?
  • What are stakeholders doing in response to the market environment?
5 Reasons why you must order and read this report today:
1) The report quantifies and analyses the civil helicopter market with the following segmentation.
  • Forecasts of the global market
  • Forecasts of the associated submarket sectors – light civil helicopters, intermediate civil helicopters, medium civil helicopters, large & heavy civil helicopters – at the global and regional level.
  • Forecasts of key regional markets – Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East / Africa, North America, all further subdivided into the 4 submarkets.
  • Analysis of factors that are driving or restraining market activity
 2) The study reveals where civil helicopter stakeholders are investing. We show you information relating to:
  • Contracts and programmes
  • Products and services
  • Recent mergers, acquisitions and divestiture activity
  • Geographical distribution
3) 337 contracts providing understanding of which sectors of the civil helicopter market are in demand
4) Profiling of the top 11 civil helicopter companies including information relating to key financial indicators
5) SWOT analysis of the global civil helicopter market
  • Competitive advantage
    This independent, 228 page report, guarantees that you will remain better informed than your competitors. With 207 tables and figures examining the civil helicopter market, the report gives you an immediate, one-stop breakdown of the leading players in your market, as well as analysis keep your knowledge that one step ahead of your rivals.
  • How will you benefit from this report?
    • This report you will keep your knowledge base up to speed. Don’t get left behind
    • This report will allow you to reinforce strategic decision decision-making based upon definitive and reliable market data
    • You will learn how to exploit new technological trends
    • You will be able to realise your company’s full potential within the market
    • You will better understand the competitive landscape and identify potential new business opportunities & partnerships
Who should read this report?
  • Anyone involved with the civil helicopter industry
  • Aviation regulators
  • Contractors
  • Helicopter operators
  • Helicopter operator marketing and management / executives
  • Aerospace OEMs and system integrators
  • R&D personnel
  • CEO’s
  • COO’s
  • CIO’s
  • Business development managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Technologists
  • Engineers
  • Suppliers
  • Investors
  • Banks