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Asolenoid valve is a valve in which an inbuilt solenoid along with a plunger is present which acts as an actuator to control the valve. It is unidirectional and can only act to open the valve when an electrical signal makes it active. Therefore solenoid valves are particularly used to allow the flow when and as long as an electrical signal is sent to the valve. The solenoid valves can be operated using either of DC (Direct Current) or AC (Alternating Current) electrical signals. Solenoid valves are used to control and modulate the flow of liquids and gases.

The Solenoid Valves Market rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of XX.X percent from 2015 to 2020.

The global solenoid market is driven by low power consumption, technology advancement, automotive flow system etc. The factors that affect the prices of solenoid valves are the size of the equipment, level of customization of the equipment, and application in which the equipment is used.

The Solenoid valve market is broadly categorized in terms of types, ways and positions, electric signals, and applications. On the basis of types the market, it is segmented vastly as:

Core disc type solenoid valves
Floating diaphragm type solenoid valves
Flapper disc type solenoid valves
Hung diaphragm type solenoid valves
Piston type solenoid valves
Lever type solenoid valves
Slide disc type solenoid valves etc.
The market is highly competitive with emerging advanced technology and segmentation.

Numerous products are available in the solenoid valve market such as:

Brass 2 way solenoid valves
Bi-state solenoid valves
Air conditioning valves and others.
The solenoid valve market is highly competitive as some of the key participants are Danfoss Industries Ltd, Norgen Industrial Co., Curtiss Wright Corporation, Emerson Electric Co., Parker Hannifin Corporation, Airtac, and others.