Globalization and the demand for novel and exotic food have increased food safety concerns, especially in a world with major differences in regulations and national enforcement. Demand is increasing for technologies that can track product and production information and share it across regions and throughout the value chain. Food safety breaches due to contamination by microorganisms and other toxins or chemicals that can cause foodborne illnesses underlies the growing demand for enabling technologies in food safety and drives growth opportunities in different segments of the food industry value chain, including production, processing, packing, distribution/transportation, storage, and preparation.

This research service focuses on recent innovations and opportunities in the global food safety products and technologies market. It summarizes the various trends and technologies and the emerging opportunities to ensure safety of different types of foods. The study explores both primary and supplementary technologies, including pathogen detection, intervention for microbial reduction, robotics and automation, electronic traceability, sensors, and mobile applications. Research focus areas include opportunity analyses of several emerging technologies and assessments of their market impact. Innovative companies that will lead digital transformation in the food and agriculture sector are profiled.