Biopesticides are developed using pathogenic micro-organisms. Biopesticides are developed to be used on specific pest, with effective and eco-friendly pest control solutions. Mostly biopesticides are living organisms which are preferred over conventional synthetic pesticides for having least side-effects in environment and specific mode of action. The demand of food is drastically increasing due to growing population. Therefore synthetic conventional pesticides are used in farming to meet the targeted demand of food. Since the over usage of chemical pesticides shows the adverse effect on food as they show harmful impact on residues. Also, synthetic pesticides raise many environmental concerns. It degrades soil quality to a large extent also it pollutes ground- water which results in unproductive farms. Therefore farmers seek eco-friendly alternatives for organic farming. Bio-pesticides are best in even used for small quantities. The key drivers of bio-pesticides market are high awareness and adoption rate, also the low quantity usage in farm encourage farmers to use bio-pesticides on large scale, which increase the adoptability rate of bio-pesticides into the market. High investment and joint ventures among key players create new opportunity for biopesticides market across the globe. Due to high investment promotion of new product and launches of new product is easy in the market. Bio-pesticides also create high growth of alternative market of agro-chemical industry.
The major restraints in the market is low shelf life of product this hampers market growth. Also, due to selective functions of bio-pesticides, the market growth is slow. Among all regions, APAC has higher stability in future for this market. In APAC, countries like India China and Japan has higher market growth prospective. Flexible government policies in developing countries create high opportunities into the market. The key players in this market are BASF SE, Bayer Cropscience AG, Bioworks, Inc., Certis LLC, Dupont, Isagro Spa, Koppert Biological systems, Marrone BioInnovations, Monsanto, Novozyme biological.

Companies profiled include
2. Bayer Cropscience AG
3. Bioworks, Inc.
4. Certis LLC
5. Dupont
6. Isagro Spa
7. Koppert Biological systems
8. Marrone BioInnovations
9. Monsanto
10. Novozyme biologicals
11. Valent Biosciences Corporation
12. Pest Control India
13. International Panaacea Ltd.
14. T Stanes
15. Biotech International
16. PJ Margo
17. Exosect Ltd.
18. Gowan Company
19. Greeneem
20. Growth Products Ltd.
21. Hebei Veyong Biochemical Company Ltd.
22. Hercon Environmental
23. Mycogen Seeds
24. Natural Forces Llc
25. Natural Industries Inc
26. Verdera Oy
27. Westbridge Agricultural Products
28. Prophyta Biologischer Pflanzenschutz Gmbh
29. Rincon-Vitova Insectaries
30. Russell IPM

This Occams Research Report covers
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2.Revenue forecasts, growth rates and CAGR up to 2022
3.Industry Analysis
4.Competitive Analysis
5. Key geographic growth data