OGAnalysis’s widely renown study on Saudi Arabia refining industry (2016) focuses on the emergence of gasoline, diesel, fuel oil and LPG supply/demand balances in near to long term future. As lower crude prices continue to cause delays and cancellations of refinery projects worldwide, the research work analyzes the progress of refining projects, investment environment, plant closures, margins and pricing trends in Saudi Arabia.
With refiners worldwide focusing on expanding capacities in demand centers, the report evaluates the drivers and challenges of operating and investing in Saudi Arabia refining industry. The report observes that the Saudi Arabia refining capacity (CDU) is expected to increase by 42.2 % over the next five years.
Saudi Arabian Oil Co. dominates the refining industry in Saudi Arabia, with the highest market share in the country.
The Saudi Arabia refining report provides refinery wise CDU, coking, FCC and Hydrocracking capacity outlook along with details of all operational and planned refineries including location, startup, current status, companies and capex details.
Crude oil demand from refineries and production from fields are forecast to 2025 along with gasoline, diesel, fuel oil and LPG annually to 2025. Importance of each of the petroleum products along with current consumption mix, major consuming sectors for each product are provided. Companies in Saudi Arabia continue to target increased production of middle and light distillates amidst low crude prices.
The report also reviews emergence of refining capacity amidst current framework of estimated refining margins and products prices. Further, business profiles of three leading refiners along with their SWOT, Financial and business description are included. In addition, all latest news and industry developments are analyzed in the research work.

  • Forecasts of Supply and Demand for Crude Oil, Gasoline, LPG, Diesel and Fuel Oil annually from 2005 to 2025
  • Refinery wise primary refining capacity (CDU) from 2005 to 2020
  • Refinery wise secondary unit capacities (Coking, FCC and Hydrocracking) from 2005 to 2020
  • Competitive Landscape details including market shares of leading companies and their net weighted capacities
  • Refining complexity details including hydroskimming, topping, coking and cracking types are provided for planned and operational refineries.
  • Nelson Complexity Index (NCI) is identified for Saudi Arabia refining industry
  • Details of all planned projects including greenfield refineries and refinery expansions
  • Potential drivers and challenges for national and foreign companies to 2020
  • Refinery details including location, operator, owners, start up, complexity, investment, construction, current status
  • Business Profiles of leading Saudi Arabia refiners
  • oil and gas news, deals and events in Saudi Arabia refining sector