COVID-19 update included
The content of this report will be updated with the latest scenarios based on the global COVID-19 Pandemic

The global refining industry is currently undergoing rapid changes amidst recent global market fluctuations, fall in oil prices and varying refinery margins. However, the industry is moving towards stabilization in the near term future.
The new report- “Global Oil Refinery Industry Outlook” provides detailed analysis of planned projects, key strategies of refining companies, investments and outlook to 2020. Further, Key trends driving the growth in World along with detailed SWOT analysis is included in the research work.

Asset by asset details of all the operational and planned refineries are included in the report. Details of start up, operator, owners, capacity, capex and type are provided for all the refineries in World. In addition, outlook of primary (CDU), secondary (coking, FCC and Hydrocracking) capacities for each of the active and planned refineries is provided from 2005 to 2020.

Company wise refining capacities are provided for each of the refining market in World along with analysis of leading companies across the globe. Three company profiles of World refining industry are analyzed in detail. All latest news updates including mergers, acquisitions, expansions, new projects, asset transactions, ownership changes and project updates, government approvals among others are provided in the research work.