This study analyzes the industrial protective clothing market in 2 North American countries - the United Sates and Canada. The market comprises 5 segments, namely, high visibility, heat and flame-resistant, chemical protection, anti-static, and chainsaw protection clothing. The study offers an in-depth end-user industry analysis, specific insights on segments, and market size and forecast. Several key factors, such as the potential changes in end-user industries, scope of adoption, quality of compliance, potential regulatory impetus, and the evolution of the way protective clothing is used, have been considered. The heat and flame-resistant market will remain the largest and grow the fastest. High-visibility will remain the second-largest and grow at a healthy rate. Other markets are expected to register moderate growth given the possible market dynamics expected.

Key Questions this Study will Answer
  • At what stage is the market? How is it expected to grow?
  • What are the key factors driving and restraining market growth?
  • Who are the market leaders? How might the structure of the market change over time?
  • Are today’s products meeting end-user needs? How are manufacturers marketing new products?
  • Which product attributes do end users find most important? How do these impact brand selection?
  • What key competitive factors govern the market?
  • Which industry uses protective clothing the most? What type of clothing are used?