This research service focusses on the strategic profile of Volvo Car Corporation’s global operations and delivers a thorough review of the company’s activities in key growth markets, including Western Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific (China). Starting by sketching the company’s corporate structure and growth strategy roadmap, the report analyses Volvo’s sales and retail strategies; product, technology, and manufacturing profiles; and investment plans in the fields of research and development and manufacturing. Our analysts have also examined the company’s innovation and research portfolios, which are expected to shape the future of Volvo Car Corporation.

Key Questions This Study Will Answer
  • How do Volvo’s global operations enable it to become a mainstream luxury brand?
  • What are the innovations and future technology that Volvo is incorporating into its products and services?
  • What is Volvo doing in terms of product development, platform development, and powertrain development?
  • What is Polestar? Can a stock Volvo vehicle be converted into a Polestar?
  • How Volvo’s brand positioning, services, and technology built around the driver and not the vehicle?