With autonomous vehicles soon to be a reality, it is necessary for OEMs, mobility providers, and anyone associated within the mobility value chain to look at different business models in order to be relevant to future times and be a profitable business. The study looks at the impact of autonomous vehicles on different segments within the automotive industry, such as the taxi eHailing business, public transport, and shared mobility. The study delves into the future and analyzes the impact of key stakeholders within the realms of future mobility solutions. The study then goes on to identify possible new business models for the said segments within the ever-changing automotive industry.

Key Questions This Study Will Answer
  • How does autonomous driving impact the traditional transportation ecosystem and the dynamics of allied industries?
  • What are the key challenges that industry participants need to address, to best tailor their product/service portfolio of autonomous mobility solutions?
  • What are the most impactful business models that are likely to emerge from opportunities created by autonomous vehicles?
  • How are current stakeholders in the mobility value chain affected by these new business models?
  • What potential opportunities are likely to emerge across various business segments in the mobility ecosystem?