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The content of this report will be updated with the latest scenarios based on the global COVID-19 Pandemic
The scope of the study refers to the overall market size estimation and forecast of metal 3D printing in terms of both the value and volume. This study analyzes the market size of metal 3D printing technologies across the major industry verticals – Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Medical and Fashion & Aesthetics. The different technologies such as SLM, SLS, DMLS, DMD, LENS, and binder jetting, among others that are being used in metal 3D printing are also analyzed in the report. In terms of materials, the report exhaustively covers metals & metal alloys, their market estimation and forecast based on the analysis of major suppliers of metal and metal alloys in the 3D printing market.

The market analysis includes a detailed examination of the market drivers, opportunities, and growth trends mapped across different technologies, industry verticals, and geographies. The industry analysis presents detailed insights into the attractiveness of the metal 3D printing industry by analyzing the Porter’s five forces in a quantified manner. It presents an exhaustive overview of the activities being undertaken by various stakeholders. The metal and metal alloys used in 3D printing are analyzed including the market size and growth opportunities related to the material market. The industry vertical analysis presents meticulous market statistics for different verticals that are Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Healthcare, and Fashion & Aesthetics.

Thus, the study talks about the major trends, market dynamics, competitiveness among the metal 3D printer’s market players, and finally, presents comprehensive market size insights for the current and forecasted period for overall metal 3D printing market. The report also details the metal and metal alloys that are currently used in manufacturing of direct parts from 3D printers. Some of the central technologies of metal 3D printers are analyzed in order to understand the nature of market competition with respect to the facet of technology. Moreover, the metal 3D printing market is also analyzed in different industry verticals such as Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Healthcare, and Fashion & Aesthetics among others.
The report deals with all the drivers, restraints, and opportunities with respect to the metal 3D printing market which are helpful in identifying the trends and key success factors for the industry. Lastly, the report deals with detailed competitive landscape and various company profiles of all key players across the metal 3D printing ecosystem. The report also formulates the entire value chain of the market, along with industry trends of metal 3D printing industry verticals used with emphasis on market timelines & technology roadmaps. We exhaustively use both primary sources (in-house experts, industry thought leaders, market players, and independent consultants) and secondary sources (a host of paid online databases) along with analytical tools to build our forecast and predictive models.