This research service analyzes how evolving technology and consumer behavior will change the way that vehicles are serviced in the future. With a focus on vehicle diagnostics and service delivery models, this research service explores how products and service offerings, distribution channels, and various customer groups will be affected by these trends. The research also includes a competitive benchmarking for various original equipment manufacturers, original equipment suppliers, and independent aftermarket suppliers, and it provides case studies to support the key findings. The base year is 2015.

Key Questions this Study will Answer
  • What is the garage of tomorrow?
  • What are OEMs doing to redefine the future service bay?
  • How are the aftermarket participants servicing demand for evolution in vehicle service technologies?
  • What are the key trends impacting vehicle service technology?
  • What is the best fit business model in realizing maximum potential from diagnostic tools and software technology?
  • How are tablets, mobile apps, and augmented reality changing the automotive service industy?