The chemical pesticide manufacturing industry in China has been plagued by economic trouble since the recession began in 2008. With weak industry performance continuing since 2008, the industry is struggling hard to overcome weaker demand and low prices of raw materials. The industry had experienced strong growth rates before 2008 and 2009 and it is surprising that with the economic recovery on way, the chemical pesticide manufacturing industry in China has not managed to recover completely.

The industry continues to suffer from overproduction of pesticides and with the cost of raw materials and operating expenses increasing significantly, it remains to be seen how soon the industry recovers from this phase.

Aruvian Research analyzes the chemical pesticide manufacturing industry in China in its research offering Analyzing Chemical Pesticides in China. The report is a complete analysis of the industry through an industry overview, industry statistics, an analysis of industry revenues, industry segments, market concentration, manufacturing hubs in the country, and many other factors are analyzed.

We analyze the import/export scenario of chemical pesticides in China, along with the capital intensity of the industry, the number of major enterprises operating in the industry, the impact of globalization, as well as a life cycle analysis of the market.

Factors driving growth in the industry, industry cost analysis, and the regulatory framework governing this market are all analyzed in this report.

Technical developments and competition in the industry are analyzed, followed by an analysis of the major players in the industry such as Redsun Group, Shandong Qiaochang Chemical, Zhejiang Xinan Chemical, and others.

We conclude the report on the chemical pesticide manufacturing in China with a future perspective of the industry. We include an industry forecast, forecast for industry value and revenues, and an import/export forecast.