Efficiency Concerns Prompt Initiatives by Global Companies to Accelerate the Adoption of Supercritical Technologies


The need for clean, secure and economical coal power has prompted global companies to take initiatives to accelerate the market growth of Supercritical (SC) technologies. Coal is expected to be a dominant fuel source for the majority of the world’s future power generation. The increasing use of coal-fired power plants is expected to raise environmental concerns around the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur oxide (SOx) and nitrogen oxide (NOx), the solution to which lies in the deployment of SC technologies. Equipment manufacturers and power utilities have developed a number of product designs intended to enhance the performance of coal-fired power plants running on SC technologies. This will not only reduce emission levels but will also ensure a significant reduction in the overall long-term cost compared to the conventional subcritical technology. This in turn will benefit the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and power utilities by allowing them to earn carbon credits and better penetrate the market. Therefore, global power companies are emphasizing Joint Venture (JV) initiatives that will not only pave the way for SC technologies but will also help them to leverage their profit ratios in the market.


- Need for supercritical technologies for power generation Initiatives taken by global power companies to accelerate the growth of supercritical technologies
- Efficiency concerns raising market for the supercritical technologies

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- Identifying the leading countries incorporating supercritical technologies
- Gain insights on the coal reserves abundance and its impact on the gloabl power sector
- Developing product designs that will enhance the growth of supercritical technologies market