This week’s report identifies the monetization complexities of multiple partner relationships that now characterize the “everything connected” business environment. The report explains how an ecosystem of partners can be remunerated for their machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) M2M has historically referred to the collection and remote processing of data from sensors and devices, such as flow meters, pressure valves, and distance monitors. IoT has more recently referred to solutions tied to the consumer market, such as fitness tracking wearables or remote patient monitors. While some try to draw a distinction, many continue to refer to M2M and IoT interchangeably. For this report, Stratecast uses IoT to represent both terms. solution contributions, based on IoT solution usage. The report also shows how one real-time billing solution supplier—LogiSense—manages the monetization flows from complex B2B2X relationships associated with a multi-layer ecosystem of IoT solution partners.