Consumer in Smart Grid - From a Dormant Participant to a Key Stakeholder in Energy Activities


GlobalData's report “Consumer in Smart Grid - From a Dormant Participant to a Key Stakeholder in Energy Activities” provides an analysis on the emerging importance of consumers in smart grid. Consumer participation in the power grid has been limited in the past, but the scenario is expected to change with the implementation of smart grid technology in the power sector. Evolving smart grid technologies, such as smart meters, distributed energy resources, electric vehicles and vehicle-to-grid mechanism enabling functions, such as real-time consumption and two-way communication, will provide opportunities to consumers to manage their own energy in an efficient way. The increasing consumer participation will help reduce peak load, promote renewable energy integration and enable effective management of power outages. Smart grid is likely to transform the role of the consumer from a bystander to an active participant.


- Role of consumers in develpment of smart grid
- Importance of consumers in stabiizing power flow by use of distributed energy resources
- Impact of Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) mechanism on peak demand
- Importance of consumer satisfaction in a competitive market for electricity retailing
- Role of Consumer in enabling real-time consumption management

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- Identify key growth and investment opportunities for technologies in smart grid sector
- Gain insight on the consumer aspect in smart grid
- Developing strategies for market penetration
- Facilitate decision-making based on insights on the role of consumers in smart grid