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Although organizations face difficulty in convincing consumers about health claims, product safety, and claims of effectiveness, they believe that brands have effective strategies to build consumer trust in quality claims and product safety. As increase in trust is expected to boost revenues, organizations are using clearer labeling and adopting stringent production processes to increase product trust. FMCG organizations believe that product quality, brand heritage, and tamper proof packaging are among the preferred approaches to drive product trust.

Key Findings

  • Despite being difficult to convince consumers about quality claims, brands feel they have effective strategies in place to develop trust
  • Persuading consumers about product safety is rated more difficult by medium-sized companies than small companies
  • Over two-third of respondents indicate that increasing trust has significantly helped to boost revenues for their organizations
  • Convincing consumers about product safety and health claims is very difficult for FMCG organizations
  • Brand strategies are adequate to develop consumer trust in quality claims and product safety
  • Organizations are using clearer labeling and adopting stringent production processes to increase product trust

Canadean’s Global Executives Survey: Ways to build Trust through Packaging examines executives’ opinion about effectiveness of trust promoting measures and assess challenges encountered in convincing consumers about claims. Moreover, organizations can evaluate the impact of increase in trust on revenues, determine effectiveness of brand strategies in building consumer trust and, know about the measures taken by organizations to increase it.

What else does this report offer?

  • Impact level of increasing trust on boosting revenue: determines the expected effect of surge in trust towards increasing revenue
  • Level of difficulty faced in convincing customers: examines the challenges faced in persuading customers about the claims
  • Significance of brand strategies in strengthening customer trust: evaluates effectiveness of brand strategies in building customer trust
  • Effectiveness of methods used for promoting product trust: determines the usefulness of approaches adopted for boosting trust about products
  • Measures adopted to drive product trust: know about steps taken to increase product trust

Reasons To Buy

  • Organizations can boost revenues by understanding the impact of increasing trust on revenues
  • Organizations can improve marketing, communication and customer relationship by knowing about claims where it is difficult to convince consumers
  • Organizations can further strengthen consumer trust by knowing about most effective ways to promote trust
  • Organizations can develop effective brand strategies by knowing about areas where brands are not so efficient in promoting consumer trust