Disposable medical devices sensors market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.5% for the forecasted period of 2015-2021. It is segmented on the basis of applications which include diagnostic disposable sensors market, therapeutic disposable sensors and patient monitoring sensors market. The diagnostic and patient monitoring market have the highest market share. Rise of the medical imaging sensor market, wearable devices, high prevalence of diabetic and CVDs are the major factors driving the market growth for diagnostic and patient monitoring market. Recent advances in surgical techniques like robotic surgery, endoscopic surgeries and other minimally invasive procedures have contributed in a big way to the applications of these devices. There is a demand for high image quality cameras since these procedures require a lot of accuracy and precision. Therapeutics applications will also have a good market growth. Conventional diagnostic imaging devices like X-Rays, CT Scanners, MRI machines etc. have a significant impact on the market growth.
Further the market is segmented on the basis of sensor types i.e. temperature sensors, pressure sensors, image sensors accelerometers and biosensors. Image sensors market is going to have a good growth rate with a CAGR of 22%. The disposable images sensors is driven by changes in technology. The market for CMOS (Complementary Metal-oxide Semiconductor) is growing rapidly and is fast replacing CCD (Charge-coupled Device) as the major technology in medical image sensing devices.
Further the market is segmented on the basis of placement of sensors. The segments include Invasive disposable medical devices sensors market, Wearable disposable medical devices sensors market, Strip sensors disposable medical devices sensors market, Ingestible sensors disposable medical devices sensors market.
The major geographies include North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and ROW. North America has the highest market share followed by Asia Pacific and Europe. The companies are concentrating on expanding their market in the emerging countries. Countries such as Japan, India and China are offering opportunities for the companies to manufacture their products in their regions. Major players include GE healthcare, Philips healthcare, Medtronic, Given Imaging and others.
Companies profiled include-
1. GE Healthcare

2. Philips Healthcare
3. Analog devices
4. Given imaging ltd.
5. Lifescan Inc.
6. Stmicroelectronics Inc.
7. On semiconductor
8. Smiths Medical
9. Honeywell
10. Medtronic
11. Covidien
12. OmniVision
13. Sensirion
14. Given Imaging
15. Olympus
16. Philips Healthcare
17. Sensirion Ag
18. Jant Pharmacal
19. Gentag Inc.
20. Measurement Specialities Inc.
21. Awaiba
22. Toshiba
23. Sharp
24. Perkin Elmer
25. Hamatatsu
26. Neusoft
27. Suni medical
28. Canon
29. Teledyne dalsa
30. Pixel Plus

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